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The Move

We are moving 3 hours away. 

I have my security here. my friends, an outlet for my creative side and people that i connect with.  now that goes away and I have to start over.  On the bright side, there is a stronger artistic community there, but also more competition.  I would be around more artistic minds; individuals that would understand my quirky, creative, and focused creatively driven personality.  When i am in an area with high concentrations of like-minded creative folks, it really feeds my creativity and to be honest my spirit.  Though I fear leaving the "security blanket" that i have knit here, I know that this chapter is complete and I have to start another one.

I have windows of opportunity that are opening up, but i feel like there is a lead ball holding me down.  I followed God's instruction and made preparations for this moment, but I am still here, leaning on God, trusting him, but not myself.  I think that i am my own lead ball.  This lead ball i…