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BOOK REVIEW: The Year of Fog By Michelle Richmond

Life is about choices everyday. For every action there is a reaction. All of our choices lead us to different outcomes. Eating a nutritious breakfast and exercise will keep us healthy. Eating doughnuts and not moving will make us obese which lead to other health issues. 

The simple act of looking left instead or right can change to trajectory of your life. Even going back to "fix" the wrong you have made can't make it all right again. Atonement - it gives us closure, not a reset. 

This is Abby's story. Her minute choice. Just 5 seconds is all it takes to change her trajectory. Her course is no longer straight and forward, but circles and spirals that make her feel like she is losing control. She learns about love. What love really is. When she finally gets back to the beginning of where it all started, she was hoping that it came with a reset button - that this alternate journey paused her life - when the reality is, life didn't stop or stand still. Life went on. T…

Staying on Task

How is it when things get so overwhelming to stay on task and be creative and productive?  I am working a crazy schedule and find little free time to get into the studio.  Between being a mother, wife, and employee, i am finding it very difficult to be me.  Creatively, i am drowning.

The Holiday Rush

Halloween is just a few days away and I know the rush is on.  I have to say this year is one of the most creative years I have had in a long time.  We moved into this house about a year ago.  my studio is now in the house rather than a detached building.  In ways this is bad, BUT I love it.  I can be part of the family and still be working.  Though my children have a way of sneaking in here.  Boy does it get really creative when short people with vivid imaginations enter the space.  We may have to get a bigger space when they get older.